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Specialty Software sometimes receives Free items, special offers, etc. which we pass along to our clients.
There is an old saying: "Its not how much you make, but how much you save that counts." We will list special deals and offers that we use ourselves on this page.
We are saving a ton on our monthly telephone bill - and you can also.
If you have a DSL or Cable modem or T1 line, do yourself a favor and check out this local phone company. We did, and it slashed our business line expense by over 90% over what Bell South was charging us. Click here to learn more. They have plans starting under $15 a month, and you can add a second phone line for a FAX for less than $10 on most plans. There are no hidden charges with this company! and only a dollar or so in total taxes! You are already using the service of this phone company - and you don't even know it - because when you call Specialty Software you are calling over a Vonage phone line. Here is how it works Vonage sends you a free little box which is about the size of a Cable or DSL modem - and you just plug that box into your Cable or DSL modem or LAN. Then you plug your regular phone line into the box Vonage supplied you with - and you are done! The phone then works exactly the same - except you save a ton in monthly savings.