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Need a Free Demo or an Full Working Evaluation?

Need a  Free Demo or Full Working Evaluation of the COMS for Windows?
We have two ways for you to experience our COMS for Windows software. The first way is just a view of how the COMS for Windows looks, etc. and is available for free. The second way to to actually use the COMS for Windows software for a year (and experience being a Specialty Software user as it includes 800 toll free technical help, online forum, etc., and there is a small cost to this).

The free Specialty Software demo is a free slide show that you can see at this site. All you have to do is click on the following link and you are able to see the functionality of our industry leading software:


If you would like to actually try the software on your own computer, we also have something special available. We will allow you to use our COMS for Windows software for a year, and also include a year of our Maintenance-Club Forum site where you are able to receive upgrades and updates to the software and get online help, and also get 60 minutes of help with a live technician if needed over an 800 toll free phone line if needed. This way you will see exactly what you will be getting, and also experience why we have scores of churches and clients who have used our software and services since the mid 1980's. Our experience in offering church software is this is the only way that a true evaluation of the software works - you must spend time with it and not just make an opinion on the first glance. Software is only as good as the company who supports it, and we strive to be the best - and if you will give us a year we can prove it. After all, what good is software if the company you ordered it from is out of business next week or will not support it? With this type of evaluation you will be treated exactly like a regular Specialty Software user, and have all the benefits which go along with that (which go way beyond just the use of the software, and include computer advice, etc. - some churches consider us their IT go-to-person, and is included). To order this special offer, click on the following:

Full Working Evaluation with Maintenance Plus Plan  for 12 Months with 60 Minutes of Toll Free Tech Support - $189.99

When you click on the above link, you can pay by Visa/MasterCard/American Express or check. If you prefer, you can also order this by calling 1-800-568-6350 and speak to a sales representation - and ask for the $189.99 Year Trial Offer.

The above $189.99 can be deducted from the full retail price of the COMS for Windows software at any time throughout the year of its use.