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Church Security Broadcast Scheduled for March 19, 2010

This Nationwide Broadcast is scheduled for March 19, 2010 - Hurry and Sign Up Today

A Few comments from those who attended the Broadcast: on March 19, 2010.

A video is available of this Broadcast for only $49.95 by calling 1-800-568-6350. See comments below for a sampling of what people had to say about the Broadcast.

Click Here and Pay by Credit Card - only $49.95 for DVD of Broadcast




Thanks so much for your presentation.  I know you spent hours in preparation.  We enjoyed it and it was very informative.

 C and D in North Carolina


Hi, Ann!

When I signed up for this broadcast, you told me that I would enjoy it, and you were right! I've been working with the COMS program for almost 20 years, and I learned many new things today. I do love this program.

I thank you very much for doing this for the small churches that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to get this valuable information.

Have a wonderful weekend!

K B in Wisconsin


Great conference.


L in Alaska



Thank you Pat. I enjoyed the Seminar.

God Bless.

H W in Florida


My name is Bill Alexander, and I am asking you to give me two minutes of your time to read this page. I am affiliated with Specialty Software and this page is not an offer for you to purchase software. I realize how valuable your time is, so I will get right to the point.

There is a special live event for your church or ministry being broadcast in your town (and nationwide) on March 19, 2010 that you should not miss.

This page contains some information that few churches have considered, and might protect your church and people from some serious issues in this age of ever changing technology that we all live in. This might be the most important page you read all year.

This broadcast is so important to every church and any type of ministry in the United States (and Canada) that I am asking if you could help me notify others about this event. I will give more details later. One way you can help me immediately is by copying this page (or the link to this page) and forwarding it to other churches, associations, and fellowships in your contact list. Thank you in advance for this. A church or ministry do not need to be a Specialty Software user in order to attend this broadcast and are invited to attend. This important information applies to any church regardless of what church software they might be using.

We all realize that technology has changed many parts of our lives perhaps to the better (such as computers and cell phones and cars lasting much longer). But sad to say, many things are causing tremendous damage to individuals, companies, and unfortunately pastors, office staff, and church people as well. In the past, we could be harmed when something was “physically” stolen from us, but now we can be harmed from the far reaches of the world – regardless if you personally use the internet or not. Unfortunately many people and churches are under the assumption that because they use a good virus protector and firewall that they have nothing to be concerned about – but they are mistaken. Some even think because their computer is not connected to the internet they have nothing to worry about.

Churches have an ethical responsibility to be better informed to protect themselves and their members. We have done a small survey of the churches that use our software and have not found one church that has a good procedure in place to protect themselves or their congregation in case of a physical or remote break-in of their computer and its important data.

Many of you have personally met and know Pat who is affiliated with our company. Pat has always been in high demand for his knowledge of computers and software, and has done consultation work with some of America’s largest companies. Over the last several years he has worked with one company in the area of ethical and legal compliance, and how that relates to protecting their company and their client’s. I am pleased to announce that Pat will be the main speaker in this broadcast, and will be bringing his wealth of knowledge with him to help churches better understand what they can do now before major issues takes place. It is very important that you attend this broadcast and learn some practical solutions that you can put in place now before you experience issues at a later time.

Some of the issues Pat will be covering are similar to the secular companies he has worked with (but adapted to a church setting) and includes:

  • Must know information for the Pastor and Office Staff.
  • How to secure your desktop and notebook computers.
  • How to better protect yourself and church.
  • Church and personal identity theft.
  • Ethical and perhaps legal issues in regard to people’s privacy and data.
  • What procedures does your church currently have in place in the case of stolen personal information either physically or online?
  • Is it even possible to use the Internet safely?
  • What information should not be exposed over the internet.
  • The growing danger of online email and cloud computing that many churches do not know the ramifications of.
  • SmileJ Did Google just take a picture of you?
  • Social Networks and their ramifications.
  • How cell phones are making issues more complicated.
  • Dealing with “username and password nightmare.”
  • What can be done to help families to be protected and safely use the internet.

I have seen the preliminary outline of the broadcast, and I can safely say it will be an eye opener for every Pastor and Office Staff. Some of the issues we are all dealing with in our society are shocking, and if we are unprepared could damage the reputation of a church, the Pastor, and also its members.

I personally know of no one that is more qualified than Pat to present this broadcast. Pat has been a daily user of the web and internet since before 1994, and a user of email since 1982. There are few people in any industry that has his wealth of knowledge when it comes to technology and is considered one of the industry’s most forward thinkers. Those of you who have attended one of Pat’s live seminars know that he is a master teacher, and able to break down the complicated into easy to understand concepts.

The broadcast will be a full day and take place either on March 19, 2010 at 10:30am Eastern Time. As a courtesy for those who are Specialty Software COMS software user’s, Pat will give a bonus training session on the use of the COMS program before the main part of the broadcast starts. However, every church is invited to attend this broadcast (regardless if they are a client or not of Specialty Software) as it applies to any church or ministry.

Now here is some great news. We felt like this broadcast is so important for churches that the fee for this broadcast will only be $79. Pat’s normal fee for this type of broadcast is $695, but he is moderating this broadcast for only $79.

Thank you for allowing me to take a few minutes of your time to explain what might be one of the more important decisions you will make this year.

Please click on the following link to sign up for this broadcast (the broadcast will take place over the internet, and you will be able to see Pat’s screen and here his voice. This type of broadcast is also called an “Online Seminar” or “Webinar” or "Internet TV"). As we get closer to the broadcast, those that are attending will receive sign on instructions as well as the actual time, etc.

Please act today as there are a limited number of churches who can attend this event for this special price. There are three ways you can sign up for this broadcast event (online, by Toll Free Phone, or by Postal Mail). If you have any additional questions or need help in processing your payment, please call Ann at 1-800-568-6350.


Click Here and Pay by Credit Card - only $79.00


Or you can Call 1-800-568-6350 and Pay by Visa/MasterCard


Or you can send a Check Payable to Specialty Software for $79 to:


Specialty Software

PO Box 110277

Palm Bay, FL 32911

Thank you so much for your time, and we hope to see you in the broadcast in March 2010. But Wait! I still need your help, so please read the following P.S.


Bill Alexander

P.S. Can You Help Me Please? I mentioned at the beginning of this page that I need your help. Would you please forward this information to any church, association, fellowship, mission agency, or any other church or ministry group you are affiliated with. All are invited to attend this broadcast. As already stated above, this is a very important subject and will only get bigger by the day. We would like to be a company that can help any church or non profit group with this important information. Just pull down the Edit menu and select "Select All", then select "Copy", and then select "Paste" to put this information in the body of the email you are going to forward.

P.S.S. Can you also send me the email address of 5+ churches so I can send them a personal invitation? This is a very important subject that other churches need to know about. Please email this to info@specialtysoftware.com and please put in the subject line of the email "Attn: Help Alexander Bill Get The Word Out" so that I will know what the email is about. Then just put the email's you are providing in the body of the email. Thank you so much for this.