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See what some of our current user's are saying about the all new COMS for Windows version 8:

Thank you so much for your help.  I am a novice concerning computers and software.  I like that I can get live support, e-mail support or through a forum with other users.  What really impresses me is I can keep our software up to date with regular downloads at a truly reasonable cost.  You all have tried to think of everything to make this user friendly even for an old lady dummy like me. Thanks! R. C. in Nevada

I have just joined The Club for next year and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the new COMS. I have used COMS for three years. This new Version 8 COMS is so easy to learn and use. When asked if I needed to go to a training seminar, I answered "no". I watched the training videos, read the "Read Me" file and started using the program. "It's just that simple." When ever I had a question that wasn't answered in the videos, I used the Club Support Forum and had an answer from Bill the Technician in a short amount of time, usually within 1 to 2 hours. I look forward to the upgrades and improvements in the coming year.  In His Service, K. D. in Oklahoma

Congratulations on the new COMS program! We commend you on the layout and the ease of entering or gleaning data. A very beautiful format and delightful to use.
Pastor K. R. in Tennessee

What a powerful new software package!!!!!!!
K. A. in Missouri

This new version rocks and it is the program I had always wished it had been. What a pleasure to see it arrive at this version 8. (J. in California)

We love it.....
C in Texas

Dear Technical Support: I just wanted to acknowledge the great assistance I received from one of your technicians last week.  Although the problem was our fault, the technician was patient, courteous and professional during the troubleshooting time of my call until we discovered the root of the problem. Thanks again... IT Director... GW

To the hard working techs at Specialty Software, Thanks a Bunch. I know you work hard trying to keep us all happy and the latest update solved all my problems. You are appreciated!!

C. M. Administrative Assistant. FLBC.

Thank you so much! We got our speakers from Dell and I have been listening to the tutorials for the last two days and making notes to learn how to do it. Amazingly, it makes sense when you can hear the person talking. He has a nice voice and it is pleasant to listen to the instructions.

H. White. RBC.