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Accept Giving and Donations Online

Specialty Software is pleased to announce a new service where individuals in your church can make their contribution over the internet to your church. This service is available to any church, regardless if they use one of our church management software products or not. Monies can be donated, and the individual can pay by Check or Debit-Credit card, and they can "designate" which Giving categories they are donating to (such as General Fund, Building Fund, etc.).  

Pricing is a little less than $20 a month (and very small transaction fees), and there is no charge the months that donations are not made. There will be no setup fee to have this service - and it is ideal for churches of any size - as well as any non-profit group.  This is a very low non-profit price.

Also, this will be ideal for your church or school book store - as well as any non-profit group.

Click here to sign up for this service. If you need to talk to a live person before you sign up, call 1-800-677-1070 and ask to speak to Dave Berry (this line is very busy oftentimes - so keep trying if you must speak to Mr. Berry). This is not a Specialty Software number, but rather goes directly to the company that handles the accounts for the online giving. Be sure and give Mr. Berry the id code 'specialsof' when you sign up and mention that you were directed to him by SpecialtySoftware.com.

Click here to see a demo site   to give you a quick idea of how this works. Your site can look different than the one presented, but here you can notice all the payment options, etc.

Click here if you need additional information before you sign up.