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You can upgrade any church management software regardless of what company you purchased it from for only $150

If you are using a Specialty Software product version 5.5x or lower, you are entitled to a special upgrade price of only $150 to upgrade to the new COMS version 8.x.

Competitive Upgrade! If you are using any other companies church management system you are also entitled to upgrade to the new COMS version 8.x for only $150. Hurry, as this is a very limited offer!

Any product you order on this page comes with a license which never expires. So, even if you allow your Club Membership to expire, your license does not expire and you can continue to use the applications which you have purchased.

All upgrades and updates (as well as the Club Support Forum) are included in the Club Membership. That is why you should order a Maintenance - Club Membership with your software.

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