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Special Price Below! Order the COMS for Windows Today!

Any product you order on this page comes with a license which never expires. So, even if you allow your Maintenance - Club membership to expire, your license does not expire and you can continue to use the applications which you have purchased. All upgrades and updates (as well as the Club Support Forum) are included in the Maintenance - Club Membership. That is why you should order a Maintenance - Club Membership with your software.

If you prefer to order by phone, please call 1-800-568-6350 or 1-321-821-9422 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. You can pay by Visa/MasterCard or check. If you order by e-mail, your order will be processed more quickly.

To order now just click on the Add to Cart buttons for each item you are ordering.  A Specialty Software sales representative might be calling you to verify your order and church address. When you click on the Add to Cart button, you can pay by Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover or check. You will be able to view your order in the shopping cart before actually placing the order.

If you have questions before you order, click here to e-mail your questions to Specialty Software, or call 1-800-568-6350 and speak to a Specialty Software sales representative.


COMS for Windows  - Special Price - only $495.00 (regular price is $795)

COMS for Windows Completive Upgrade  - Special Price - only $150.00 (regular price is $795).

If you are using any other companies church management system you are also entitled to upgrade to the new  COMS for Windows for only $150. Hurry, as this is a very limited offer and will expire with no advanced notice when our quota is met! A Specialty Software sales representative will call you to verify which church software package you are currently using.

Maintenance - Club Membership - $129.99 (includes all updates and upgrades)

Specialty Report Writer - Only $150.00 when purchased at same time as COMS for Windows (regular price is $395.00).

Specialty Visuals - Only $150.00 when purchased at same time as COMS for Windows (regular price is $395.00).

Are you on a network? LAN or Multi-User License fee is $200 for up to 10 computers

Need the software for one additional computer? Multi-User License fee is - $100 for 1 extra computer

Need the software for two additional computers? Multi-User License fee is - $150 for 2 extra computers.

Easy Fund Accounting - Only $495.00

Postage $aver Pro for $39.95. This 100% US Postal PAVE certified product prepares your bulk mailings for substantial postage savings, and is seamlessly integrated within the COMS for Windows application. It prepares and prints the required US Postal Forms, tags, does the required bulk mail sorting, and makes preparing mailing an easy and quick job. This special bundle price is only available if you order Postage $aver Pro at the same time you order the COMS for Windows application (it is $59.95 if ordered it at a later date).