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Attention: Advertisers and Marketers

This is how you can contact Specialty Software.

If you are an Advertiser, or are marketing something please read this carefully, as this is how you can contact us about your terrific offer.

Please follow the instructions found on this page to contact us. We NEVER accept phone calls from advertisers or marketers, only email contacts are accepted. And those are only accepted if you follow the explicit instructions found on this page.

We realize you have something you consider very important and that you know we need. However, you are not alone - about a million other companies feel the same way. Please do not call our sales line as that line is dedicated for paying customers. Also please do not mail us anything through postal mail because it is never opened unless we have requested it.

So, here is how you can contact us. You can email us, and if we are interested we will return your email or call you with the phone number you include in your email. Our promise to you is that we will read every email. We know you had rather 'talk' to us because you have something to sale or offer, but it's not going to happen unless you email us. There are no exceptions.

You have our permission to send us one (1) email. If we respond to you, you can answer that.

Email us at:

 pat AT specialtysoftware DOT com

Replace the AT with a @ and the DOT with a period (.).

Also, in the subject line of the email, you must have the following or the email will not be opened:

Please Pat Read This When You Have Time

Thank you for your help in this matter.