Club Rules


The Specialty Software Club, like all clubs, has rules which are designed to benefit the body of members to the greatest extent possible.

The Club is an Online Community

Specialty Software has setup a special division to  take care of the administrative task of The Club. Any Club membership questions should be done either in the Club Support Forum or by emailing If required, a Club representative will either answer your question by return email or by telephone. The Club Support Forum also has a special link where you can ask questions about your Club membership.

One of the reasons the Club membership is so inexpensive is that Specialty Software can administer the plan mainly through our Club Support Forum and by email - with just an occasional phone call. This keeps the cost of the membership very low.

View The Video Tutorials

Having served the church market since 1983, we have learned that most people choose not to read a 200 page printed manual. Because of this the COMS for Windows comes with Video Tutorials which you are able to view right on your computer monitor. These take the place of printed manuals, and supplement the help and additional information you will find in the Club Support Forum.

The COMS for Windows application is the most advance church management system on the market. To fully appreciate this system, and use it to its fullest potential - you need to view the Video Tutorials. You download these in our Club Support Forum.

Use of the Club Support Forum

The Club Support Forums are provided for the use and edification of the members.  Members may post technical questions there, answer questions posted by others, and make suggestions as to how to improve the software. The Club Support Forum is 100% free to all Club members. By chance if you ever have a technical problem that can not be answered in the Club Support Forum, you can still call a live technician for help just like a Specialty Software client who purchased one of our applications at full retail. See the Technical Support section of this web site for complete information on what other technical support options are available.

The Club encourages free-flow of information between members on how to better use the software.  However, all commercial and non-Club uses of the Forums are prohibited.  In addition, all forms of negative language and comments are disallowed.  The Forums are self-moderated, which means  if a negative post is made, other members will flag it and the post will be removed from the forum, pending review by the Club Administrator.

Members may also download the upgrades or updates which are posted in the Club Support Forum. However, it is the responsibility of the member not to share these downloads with non-members. The cost of The Club membership is so low that any church or non-profit group can afford their own legally licensed copy.


Members may not share their Club username and password with non-members.

Members should not post their phone numbers, email address, or the address of their church  in the Club Support Forum.