Membership Benefits


Updates - Never an Upgrade Fee!

All updates, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. are free and available to you immediately. As the programmers make changes to the software, an update is posted to our Support Forum and can be downloaded at your convenience to your computer.

With technology changing on a daily basis, this is a bonanza - and the updates are free.

If you still don't have high speed internet access (DSL, Cable, T1) or you just prefer to have a CD shipped instead of downloading items, The Club will ship you a CD with all updates-upgrades at anytime for a shipping-handling fee of only  $10. Just email and request the CD from a Club membership representative.

Maintenance-Club Support Forum

Technical help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Club Membership Support Forum. Over 90% of all technical questions and answers can be found in the Support Forum F.A.Q. (which is updated regularly). In addition, specific questions and suggestions can be posted - where other users of the software (or a company technician) will offer assistance.

800 Telephone Technical Support Included with Maintenance-Club Plus Plan

Although probably not required, we realize that some people 'just need a little extra handholding to get you up and going,' so The Club comes with  800 Technical Support number you can call to speak with a live technician.

Even if you decide you always prefer 800 Telephone Technical Support, your savings will still approach 75% off our regular retail price. An example of a group that might always prefer telephone support is a church which is on a LAN and you does not have a Network Administrator onsite - as a LAN often requires additional support (note: the additional support on a LAN is not related to our software, but rather the complexity of a LAN in general - as the Windows 2000/2003/XP server manual are 1,830+ pages in length).

Note: our technicians are not 'regular' technicians that you might have spoken to at other companies - but all have advanced certification in several fields. Each of our technicians have at least eighteen years experience and are considered the best in the industry and are in high demand - not only by churches and non-profit groups, but also by some of the leading companies in the United States.

Attend a Nationwide Seminar

Being the most advanced software on the market, many clients prefer to attend one of our nationwide seminars - so they can 'push the software to the limit.'

Free and Discounted Items

Occasionally we offer special Free or Discounted items which are made available just to tax exempt non-profit churches and groups. Club members will be able to take advantage of these special offers.