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Postage $aver Pro + COMS for Windows = Winner!

Postage $aver Pro - available now from Specialty Software!

Postage $aver Pro is integrated within our industry leading church office management system COMS for Windows version 8.57 or higher.

Postage $aver Pro is an inexpensive add on to the COMS for Windows program that allows your mailings to be sorted for the lowest possible mailing cost. This product is 100% US Postal PAVE certified, and prepares the required postal forms, tags, bulk sorting, etc. Postage $aver Pro is seamlessly  integrated with the COMS for Windows version 8.57 or higher.

You can order Postage $aver Pro directly from Specialty Software (visit www.SpecialtySoftware.com or call our sales department at 1-800-568-6350). Support for Postage $aver Pro is provided through its developer, although hardly any is ever required. Also, there is helpful information on using Postage $aver Pro within the Specialty Software Club Membership site.

Pricing is as follows for Postage $aver Pro:

$39.95 if ordered at same time as an order for  COMS for Windows or a COMS for Windows upgrade.

$49.95 for Postage $aver Pro plus $10 (for a total of $59.95) for COMS integration-activation if you already have COMS for Windows version 8.57 or higher.